College Checklist for Parents


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If your or your child is preparing for a post-secondary education, consult this comprehensive checklist of important things to keep in mind as a parent.

Also see our checklists for the students.

  • Help your child develop good study habits such as studying at the same time and place every day and having the necessary materials to complete assignments.
  • Talk to your child about his or her interests and help match those interests with a college major and career.
  • Make contact with teachers and counselor within the first week of the school year to make them aware that you're interested in following your child's progress. Stay in contact so they can advise you any changes in your child’s behavior or schoolwork.
  • Check progress reports to ensure your child is on track to earn a C or above. Anything below a C doesn’t count toward college requirements. If necessary, set up a meeting with the teacher and your child to find out what is needed to bring up the grade. If D’s and F’s are involved, ask about the school’s credit recovery program.
  • Continue saving for your child’s college education. If you have not opened a savings account, you can find information about tax advantages and links to state plans on Provident’s website as well as the College Savings Plan Network website.
  • Research scholarship, federal student aid and federal student loan options. Check out the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website and the other financial student aid and scholarship resources and information on the Provident web site, including the U.S. Department of Education’s website for parents.
  • Provident offers a package of products and services designed specifically for college students. Learn more about the ways we can help your student achieve successful financial management.

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