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In addition to grants and loans, Work-Study is a federal financial aid program for college students.

Work-Study awards a part-time job to eligible students to work on- or off-campus in exchange for an hourly wage. The hourly wage is at least as much as the current federal minimum wage. In some cases, graduate students may receive a salary instead of an hourly wage.

Off-campus work opportunities may include jobs with a non-profit organization or position related to your academic interest. You should contact your school's financial aid office for specific information.

Together with Perkins loans and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs), Work-Study is a form of campus-based aid. As such, the college or university receives funds from the federal government and is in charge of matching the recipient to a job and in controlling the purse strings.

Depending on the school's financial aid resources and funding requirements, the size of your award from your school may be different from the amount for which you were approved by the federal government. You can generally work up to the amount of hours for which you are awarded by Work-Study.

It's important to remember that Work-Study is a form of federal financial aid. In order to retain a Work-Study position, you have to apply. You can reapply using an abbreviated FAFSA form.

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