Provident Loan/Credit Payment Options


Save time, money, and hassle every month using Provident's automated payment services. Make your loan payments by automatically transferring funds from either your paycheck, another Provident account, or an account at another financial institution.

To see which method is right for you, click on one of the following headings, or consult our Transfer Types Comparison Chart for ways to electronically transfer payments to your loan:

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction 

Enjoy the safety and convenience of having your paychecks deposited automatically with Direct Deposit. Avoid teller lines on busy paydays by having the funds delivered directly from your employer into your Provident Credit Union account. You'll receive hassle-free access to your paycheck on the day it is paid, even if you're nowhere near a branch or ATM. Then you can have your regular loan payment transferred automatically from your main account to your loan account (see below). If for some reason you don't want the entire paycheck deposited into your Provident Credit Union accounts, use Payroll Deduction to automatically have your payment made directly from just a portion of each paycheck. form [PDF].

Online Banking Transfers & Quick Pay 

Using the standard funds transfer interface of Provident's online banking, you can instantly transfer funds from your Provident checking account into your Provident loan or Visa. You just select the checking account in the "from" menu and the loan or Visa in the "to" menu. You can type in the amount yourself, or just click on the option for paying the minimum amount due, or for paying the entire remaining balance (a great option for Visa balances).

As with any other online transfer, you can even pick the date you want the transfer to occur, and optionally set a repeating schedule of payment transfers (great for loans where the payment amount is always the same).

Quick Pay

If you have an amount due on your loan or Visa, you will see a "Quick Pay" button next to the account name when you sign on. Clicking this button will take you to the Transfers & Payments page, with the loan or Visa account already selected in the "to" menu. It couldn't be easier!

External Account Transfers

Easily make transfers to your Provident loan or Visa from accounts you own at most other financial institutions. *

To add your external account, go to the Transfers & Payments page within online banking and then to "Manage External Accounts." From there you can add accounts from banks, credit unions, or investment institutions. Once you have verified the amounts of a couple of small deposits we'll make to these accounts, you'll be able to transfer from or to these accounts at no extra charge.

Your membership must be opened for 30 days to be eligible for this service.
* This type of transfer is not immediate. Please schedule your transfer for at least five days before your payment due date, to allow time for the funds to arrive from external accounts.

Automatic Transfer 

Have your payments transferred automatically to your Provident Credit Union loan from any of your other accounts in Provident or elsewhere. Whether you are taking advantage of Provident's Direct Deposit, or you have active accounts at other financial institutions, Automatic Payment can help you automatically allocate funds into your various Provident Credit Union accounts, including (but not limited to) your loan. By avoiding late payments and fees on your loans, you'll maintain a good credit history.

Once you set up Automatic Payment, Provident will automatically transfer funds according to the schedule you chose. form [PDF].

Automatic payments and deposits which are made from one Provident Credit Union account to another (of the same member) are also called "Automatic Transfer".

Payments By Phone 

Need to make a fast electronic payment in addition to (or instead of) a recurring automated payment? Are you out and about, and don't have easy access to online banking? Make your payment by phone! Simply call us at (800) 632-4600 where a staff member will assist you with your payment.*

This service is available for all loan payment types. It can even be used to make deposits to your other Provident share accounts such as checking and savings.

*The maximum payment per transaction is $5,000. Payments are posted the following day. This service has an associated transaction fee of $10.

Payments By Mail 

If you'd prefer to mail your payment in through the postal service, here are the addresses:

For VIP, personal loan, auto loan, or mortgage loan payments, please send your check to:

Provident Credit Union
Attn: Payment Processing
PO Box 8007
Redwood City, CA 94063-0907

For Visa payments (including Equity Platinum Visa payments for HELOCs), please send your check to:

Provident Credit Union
P.O. Box 60510
City of Industry, CA 91716-0510

Apply Now!

To apply for Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, or Automatic Transfer, complete an Application Form that you can print out and mail to us or bring to a Provident Credit Union Branch. To receive an application by mail, call (800) 632-4600 or send an e-mail to one of our friendly Member Support Representatives.

There is no application required for the other methods, except that online banking requires enrollment, and online banking external accounts must be added and verified online before using.