Easy Deposit ATMs


Provident steps up the level of convenience and efficiency of making ATM deposits. Here is how this latest technology makes your life easier:

  • No envelope required. Cash and checks are inserted directly into the machine.
  • Funds are available in the same time frame as they would if you made the deposit inside the branch.
  • A scanned image of your check appears on the screen and is printed on your receipt.
  • Cash deposits, up to 99 bills, are sorted and counted by the machine and are credited to your account immediately.
  • The ATM does the math for you. Deposits are totaled at the conclusion of your transactions.

It’s that easy!

Getting Started

It’s easier than ever to deposit checks and cash into the new ATMs:

  1. Deposit checks and/or cash without an envelope. Insert your checks one at a time into the check deposit slot. To deposit cash, insert up to 99 bills into the cash deposit slot. The ATM automatically sorts and counts each denomination.
  2. Verify the amount you deposited. Each time you insert a check, you'll see the image of your check on the screen so you can enter the amount. For cash deposits, a list of each denomination and amount is displayed. The machine will total your cash for your approval.
  3. Take the receipt that shows you exactly what you deposited. You'll receive a detailed receipt that confirms your deposit, with an image of each check and an itemized list of cash note values.

Easy Deposit ATMs are available at all Provident branches.