Youth Membership


Youth Package 

Our Youth Package provides everything needed to start teaching your kids how to save. The package is designed to meet the needs of kids up to age 17 years. It includes Youth Savings, Youth Checking, and Youth Add-On Certificate. Open all three together or individually (Youth Savings is required in order to open either of the other two accounts, however, as it establishes membership for the youth).

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Youth Savings 

Kids want things and need things, too. Why not give them their own savings account, so they can learn the value of money. Kids can start with just a $5 minimum and build it up until their 18th birthday. There's no service fee or separate membership fee, and the account comes with a gift bag and a prize. Kids will love it.

It's not just parents who can open the account. If you're a relative, such as an aunt, uncle, or grandparent, or even just a good friend who takes a keen interest in a child's success, you can also open one of these accounts for that child.

When a Youth Savings account is opened, the child becomes a member of Provident. Just fill out the Youth Savings Membership application with yourself (the adult) as the secondary owner. If the child is under 10, you'll will need to sign for both.

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Youth Checking 

Youths 13-17 can open a checking account, giving them the ability to maintain their own finances. The account includes a free Debit Card, overdraft protection, and free ATM access all over the place. Help your teen learn to manage their personal finances with this easy-to-use, no-monthly-fee checking account.

This account also has all the features that are common to every Provident checking account. For more details, see Checking Accounts.


Youth Add-On Certificate 

It's fun to spend money, but it can also be fun to save money! Our Youth Certificate offers young people the opportunity to start saving and add to their savings as they get older. Our youth members can enjoy a high return that piggy banks simply can't match. It's not as hard as you think to start saving today. Featuring a low opening deposit of $50.00, free online account access, and the ability to add additional funds anytime. Help the child in your life grow their savings even faster by making regular direct deposits through payroll deduction.

This account is a 12-month interest bearing certificate specifically designed for those under the age of 18. Account must include a joint owner 18 years of age or older. As a joint owner you have complete access to the child's account and can help them track their balance as well as teach them ways to learn money management.

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Cross Account Transfers 

Once you have set up youth accounts for all your favorite minors, Provident Credit Union makes it easy to transfer funds to those account from your own, via online banking. Just complete the Cross Account Transfer Form. Once this form is processed, you will be able to use the online transfer page in online banking to select those accounts and easily transfer funds to them.

Watch this video about how to authorize and perform a Cross Account Transfer.

Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) 

An ESA (previously known as the Educational IRA) is one of the main ways to save for your child's college education. You can deposit as much as $2,000 a year and most withdrawals are tax free to pay for education expenses until your child reaches age 30. And other people, such as grandparents or friends can contribute to the account, too. Provident Credit Union has a full range of Term Share Certificates that can be used for Coverdell ESAs.

Apply Now!

To apply for a Youth Savings account and open a new membership for a minor, or to open Youth Package, Youth Checking, or Youth Add-On Certificate, complete an Youth Membership Savings Application.

For Coverdell ESA Term Share Certificates, complete the appropriate Coverdell ESA forms.

Bonus: Your Child Could Win!

Four times a year, a lucky new youth member is randomly chosen to win a fabulous prize. Every new member under 18 who opens a Youth Savings account is entered into our quarterly drawing for a family excursion. The prize includes a $50 Provident Visa gift card and four tickets to a popular Bay Area attraction such as: California Academy of Sciences, Monterey Bay Aquarium, San Francisco Zoo, and the Tech Museum of Innovation to name a few (prizes may vary).


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