Career: Ready to Take on the World?


During this stage, your attention is focused on the steps leading to your career goals. In addition to setting your sights on your career of choice, be sure to set your sights on a sound financial plan, keeping in mind there can be bumps along the way.

Effective Financial Tools

To help you stay on top of your game, convenient, anytime access to your accounts and paying attention to your finances is a must. Smart day-to-day money management, a budget and some good savings and investment goals are important now.

Looking Down the Road

Now is the time to strategize and save. Setting some savings and retirement goals are good first steps and Provident offers many online tools to help you get started. After your savings program is in place, setting up a meeting with a Provident financial consultant to ensure you are optimizing your retirement savings is a good Idea. If your employer offers a 401(k) or other employee retirement plan, contribute as much as possible.

Bumps Along The Way

It's important to plan for uncertainty and know that Provident is there to help:

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