Plan Now, Retire in Comfort


Make a retirement "wish list." Do you want to travel? Buy a vacation home? Your retirement goals will help determine how much money you'll need.

How much will you need? Your retirement expenses will probably be around 80% of your current expenses. Remember to factor in inflation--about 4% each year.

Estimate how much you will receive from other sources. For an estimate of your Social Security benefits, call the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

Figure out how much money you'll have to provide. For example, if Social Security and pension benefits will provide 40% of your retirement income, the other 60% must come from you.

Start closing the gap between your income and expenses. Here are some options:

  • Cut expenses.
  • Invest more money in your retirement plan (e.g., 401[k]).
  • Take more risk with your investments.

For more retirement planning and investment advice, e-mail a Provident Financial Consultant* or call (650) 508-7222 or (800) 656-4096. Provident offers a full range of Investment and Retirement Planning services.